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Re: [MiNT] rpm

On 12/20/2014 10:51 AM, Peter Slegg wrote:
On Sat, 20 Dec 2014 15:18:42 , Thomas Jürges wrote:
On 2014-12-20 13:34, Peter Slegg wrote:
How would it work ? My thoughts...
The module could be downloaded, modifed and uploaded again so that the
server can
generate a diff and add it to the build process.
Preferably the automatic build system would pull source code from a VCS
for its builds.  Handling of "modules" that get supplied by developers
in some way or the other is impossible to do in an automatic, clean and
low maintenance way.  Diffs can be automatically generated by the VCS.
In the end, all packages that we are using for MiNT (or whatever flavour
we are talking about) do come from somewhere upstream.  And upstream
there is always a VCS.  So if we find that a package needs fixing,
submit the patches upstream.  The developers will be glad to accept them
if they are submitted in a reasonbale form and be happy to include them
into the code if the patches do not break the code on other platforms.
Long story made short:  we should not try to reinvent already existing
infrastructure but make use of it.

You are right I was forgetting that there would be an upstream vcs,
I was concentrating on how the build system might be of benefit to the
Mint community. There are multiple vcs systems but that isn't a problem.

Where could it be hosted ?  Could the sparemint server do it ? Atariforge ?
I don't know who maintains these.

Well I mean I wouldn't use git or a VCS to handle sparemint itself. I think the problem is a little more complicated than that and using a live db to track status, previous versions, etc would be prudent. Git would be fine for management but displaying web content from a git backend would be a little odd.

A good place for all this is my colocated HP DL385 server. It has 16GB RAM and is dual opteron. It's not that fast by today's standards but it handles parallel work really well. Can run 4 aranym instances no problem and has around 100GB disk free. It's on a 75mbit symmetric connection.

We could also use my vps for a shared aranym instance. This would be the machine where one individual with a lot of time can build rpm's and when he/she runs into a problem, can call on an expert to quickly ssh in and diagnose. It's on some kind of insane quad xeon setup and the whole machine is pretty underutilized so it's brutally fast.

Jenkins is also fine but I do wonder if it could handle the oddities of remote building rpms on atari virtual machines.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding your guys vision of an ideal setup though.