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Re: [MiNT] rpm

On 2014-12-20 13:34, Peter Slegg wrote:
> How would it work ? My thoughts...
> The module could be downloaded, modifed and uploaded again so that the server can
> generate a diff and add it to the build process.

Preferably the automatic build system would pull source code from a VCS
for its builds.  Handling of "modules" that get supplied by developers
in some way or the other is impossible to do in an automatic, clean and
low maintenance way.  Diffs can be automatically generated by the VCS.
In the end, all packages that we are using for MiNT (or whatever flavour
we are talking about) do come from somewhere upstream.  And upstream
there is always a VCS.  So if we find that a package needs fixing,
submit the patches upstream.  The developers will be glad to accept them
if they are submitted in a reasonbale form and be happy to include them
into the code if the patches do not break the code on other platforms.
Long story made short:  we should not try to reinvent already existing
infrastructure but make use of it.


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