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Re: [MiNT] rpm

Yes, there is a cross compiler as rpm. Rpm ist a very good automatic update system. On targz you don't can make anything reverse. I never shall do Gentoo or something like that. Rpm is what we needet.


"M.A. Kehr" <makehr@ndh.net> schrieb:

>>  RPM is doomed to hell in Freemint's case IMHO. No
>> cross compiling
>That's not right, AFAIR it is possible to cross compile rpms.
>I never installed gentoo, how dows it work to install and uninstall packages?
>It might be easy to install a tar.gz but how I can get rid of it, if I want to or is there a possibility in gentoo?
>Another point, on a sparemint installation it is very simple to configure network and other daemons, how's this in gentoo?