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Re: [MiNT] rpm

On 2014-12-20 16:51, Peter Slegg wrote:
> You are right I was forgetting that there would be an upstream vcs,
> I was concentrating on how the build system might be of benefit to the
> Mint community. There are multiple vcs systems but that isn't a problem.
> Where could it be hosted ?  Could the sparemint server do it ? Atariforge ?
> I don't know who maintains these.

That's not what I was referring to.  "Upstream" refers to the original
source of the source code for the packages.  Most software is already
under development for other OSes (gcc, bash, python, you-name-it) and
obviously the developers of that software already run a VCS of some
kind.  That is where we should pull the sources from, then apply our
patches if we have any, build the software, test, package and deliver
the packages (rpms, tar.gz, what-not).  The patches should be sent back
to those projects for inclusion.  MiNT-only software is the only reason
why we would need a VCS.  But those are only a dozen or so packages.

I hope that clarifies the software development process in the open
source universe.


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