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[MiNT] Correct way of installing USB driver under Mint 1-19-cur


Can somebody confirm exactly what steps I should follow in order to install David Galvez’s USB storage device driver under Mint 1-19-cur for EtherNAT please?  I took a guess, but it’s not quite working right as I cannot get any USB stick partitions to mount.

With tracing on and redirecting console to file, I see the following:
"Current date and time: Sat Dec 6 15:46:51 2014
Time zone in use: GMT
East of Greenwich Mean Time: 0:00:00
Kernel clock mode: localtime
usb loader starting...
Load kernel module: \c\MINT\1-19-CUR\USB\usb060.km
p USB core API driver for FreeMiNT FreeMiNT DRIVERS q
David Galvez 2010-2014.
Alan Hourihane 2013-2014.
Compiled Dec 4 2014.

Loading USB device modules:
p USB mass storage class driver FreeMiNT DRIVERS q
Ported, mixed and shaken by David Galvez.
Atari partition support by Roger Burrows.
SCSIDRV support by Alan Hourihane.
Compiled Dec 4 2014.

Loading USB host controller driver:
p Ethernat USB controller driver 0.1 q
Ported, mixed and shaken by David Galvez.
Compiled Dec 4 2014.

usb loader: Fclose()
usb loader: return
INIT 'u:/c/mint/1-19-cur/xaaes/xaloader.prg' ''
Setup complete, now booting the system “

I am running this on a CT60 with EtherNAT, SuperVidel+SVethlana.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!