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Re: [MiNT] Issue with Mint 1.19 and Litchi

On 08/02/15 10:17, Peter Persson wrote:

Fselect() would than work as before, Fselect2() could be used by (new) mintlib to better support select().

My own knowledge of MiNT internals are (embarassingly) minimal but I could at least offer to try and put a prototype implementation together if anybody is willing to help.

What do you think?

I agree 100% with Markus in this case. It's not a good idea to change existing system calls in a way that affect any unknown number of existing programs, and compatibility for these APIs are handled through mintlib. I'd much rather see a nice implementation of Fselect2() :)

While on the subject, it would be nice to have a solution for scenarios which requires very short timeouts. Terminal emulators for example has to call both Evnt_multi() and Fselect() to handle GEM and file I/O respectively. It would be nice if we could fuse these separate entities some way. I guess there are other solutions to explore as well, running it as two separate processes and passing data through the AES or something, but I guess that would impact performance too.

I'm fine with reverting the change to Fselect(), but there's no need for Fselect2() because the MiNTlib's version of select() now calls Fpoll() anyway.

Those with old vim binaries, should upgrade vim.