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Re: [MiNT] Disk drive with 1-19-cur

> There have been during the last weeks some changes in the kernel
> interface and the kentry struct version has been increased, so it's
> important now that XaAES and kernel match  (they must be compiled
> together). Helmut's branch still have the old kentry version so I
> guess you used a XaAES from main branch with the Helmut's kernel.

Well, I disagree. :-)

I always use the complete folder with all km-modules for the actual
kernel, which means I have two separate folders (1-19-cur.tru and
1-19-cur.hel) and I always rename the one to 1-19-cur that matches the
kernel. Both of them have their own xaaes forlder. They also both have
different dates may, 9th for trunk and may, 13th for helmut so it's easy
to distiguish them.

> Regarding the floppy problems, I've tried to read a floppy disk image
> with Aranym and it's working. Most of MiNT's modules still use kinfo
> kernel interface instead of kentry, kinfo has not been changed but
> just in case I'd try upgrading all the modules to match the kernel
> with which they have been compiled.

I always also use current kernel modules, e.g. they all have the same
date as the trunk kernel (May, 9th 2015).

I suppose there must be another reason for this behaviour. Next step is
that I try all the other kernels 68k, 030, 040).

I also disabled memory protection but this doesn't help either.