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Re: [MiNT] Milan, latest MiNT and rtl8139

On Tue, 15 Sep 2015 23:21:52 , Ingo Lafrenz <ich@der-ingo.de> wrote:
> Hi Jo Even!
> > Der Ingo is back!
> Hehe, someone remembers who I am, nice :-)
> > I'm still using this driver with an RTL8139 PCI-card in my Milan. Maybe
> > your network card is broken?
> Which kernel exactly do you use? One of the nightlies? Or some older
> version? But glad to hear that it should work. I don't think the card is
> broken, so I will try to find the reason.
> > Also, check the Milan's time/date. Invalid (as in < 1/1-1970 IIRC)
> > time/date cause all sorts of really weird network problems.
> Now that is a VERY good hint. The Milan complained about low battery and
> invalid date during start. But I never thought this could cause such
> problems. I will try to find a battery replacement, set the time and see
> how it goes!
> I will report back as soon as I had the time to try this.
> Cheers, Ingo =;->

Hi Ingo,

Welcome back.

I use RTL8139.XIF size 17,812 bytes and dated 12-10-2007