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Re: [MiNT] Milan, latest MiNT and rtl8139

Hi Jo Even!

Der Ingo is back!
Hehe, someone remembers who I am, nice :-)

I'm still using this driver with an RTL8139 PCI-card in my Milan. Maybe
your network card is broken?
Which kernel exactly do you use? One of the nightlies? Or some older version? But glad to hear that it should work. I don't think the card is broken, so I will try to find the reason.

Also, check the Milan's time/date. Invalid (as in < 1/1-1970 IIRC)
time/date cause all sorts of really weird network problems.
Now that is a VERY good hint. The Milan complained about low battery and invalid date during start. But I never thought this could cause such problems. I will try to find a battery replacement, set the time and see how it goes!

I will report back as soon as I had the time to try this.

Cheers, Ingo =;->