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Re: [MiNT] GEMLIB: NIL is 0


Why GEM library header has defines that are missing library specific prefix from their name?

(Even if it's legacy thing, it's better to fix it eventually, something like that can conflict with many things.)

	- Eero

On 12/06/2015 08:29 PM, OL wrote:
Hello Gerhard

You are true, gemlib not use it, NIL should be at -1

I'm going to fix this.

I have a lot of update to do soon to fix userdef VDI issue, I will do in
same time. Let me some days.



I sah in the mt_gem.h that NIL is defined with 0. But that is not
correct it must be -1. For example the define is used in the object
structure if ob_head  have no kind object.

The problem is that it looks like that this is since many year and I
am surprised that I am the first one who find this.

So what is to do? Change it in the header and hope that nobody use NIL
and wants 0 or let it be. And hope nobody want -1.