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Re: [MiNT] GEMLIB: NIL is 0

Hello Henk,

I think Gerhard is true, I have search where come from NIL or if there was another definition for -1 value in AES.

I have found it as define to -1:
 -  in aes.h coming from Lattice C 5.60
 - COMPUTE!'s Technical Reference Guide ATARI ST Volume 2 AES
 - In documentation for PC GEM http://www.seasip.info/Gem/aestruct.html
- In documentation from Lonny Pursell for GFA : http://gfa.atari-users.net/stg/gfabasic.htm

But I have found it in Compendium NIL is defined as 0 in objc_add(), but this is wrong else it doesn't work.

So I think NIL should be -1, for 0L NULL should work and is defined for all C compiler.

Op 12/6/15 om 7:29 PM schreef OL:
Hello Gerhard

You are true, gemlib not use it, NIL should be at -1

I'm going to fix this.

Please DONT.

NIL or Nil or nil are correct words for empty or nothing.
In fact nil should be the only correct value for a void variable.

I dont use MT_GEM, so I wouldnt suffer a change.
Nevertheless almost all my programs use NIL or nil for 0L

If you think this question needs a repair, repair what is wrong.
If the value is wrong, repair the value.
If then the name is wrong, repair the name.