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Re: include file problems

>Of course I'd really prefer to make everything in sys/ a symbolic link
>but then everyone would need minixfs or unixmode and gzip/gtar.  Hum.

I'd prefer the opposite.. the root include directory is already too
cluttered (and hence slow to search on a TOS file system) as it is.

>entropy -- it's not just a good idea, it's the second law.
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It would probably be a good idea if the MiNTlibs were broken up into
subsections which would be placed in subdirectories. This would probably
speed up compile times due to the decrease in directory search time. It
would probably also aid development, machine support etc could be
distinguished from Unix compatability etc etc etc.

Also, anyone thought about moving all the Atari-only headers into
<atari/*.h>, MiNT-only (ie not Unix compatable ones) into <mint/*.h>,
TOS-only ones into <tos/*.h> etc etc etc? I know this would cause a few
problems to begin with, but it will be more in the spirit of OpenSystems and
POSIX etc. I hope we're all trying to make the Atari development environment
as close to a "standard" environment as possible.


PS. Has anyone tried to get the atari modifications into the mainstream GCC

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