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include file problems

>>Of course I'd really prefer to make everything in sys/ a symbolic link
>>but then everyone would need minixfs or unixmode and gzip/gtar.  Hum.
>I'd prefer the opposite.. the root include directory is already too
>cluttered (and hence slow to search on a TOS file system) as it is.

Like I said, everyone would need minixfs.  The fact that TOS directory
searches take forever is just another point in minixfs's favor.

>It would probably be a good idea if the MiNTlibs were broken up into
>subsections which would be placed in subdirectories. This would probably
>speed up compile times due to the decrease in directory search time. It
>would probably also aid development, machine support etc could be
>distinguished from Unix compatability etc etc etc.

It would also give me a large pain in the ass.

Producing these distributions is already enough of a hassle with about
6 directories to maintain (and I need to produce 2 different sets of
diffs in 3 of those.)  See Makefile.adm and MKDIFFS and MKLOG.  Sorry,
but even though I agree it would be prettier if it were more organized,
I refuse to make this even more difficult on myself.

>Also, anyone thought about moving all the Atari-only headers into
><atari/*.h>, MiNT-only (ie not Unix compatable ones) into <mint/*.h>,
>TOS-only ones into <tos/*.h> etc etc etc? I know this would cause a few
>problems to begin with, but it will be more in the spirit of OpenSystems and
>POSIX etc. I hope we're all trying to make the Atari development environment
>as close to a "standard" environment as possible.

Also not gonna happen.  For most of the same reasons.  Unless, as
stated in a previous message, someone can point me to some standard that
the current organiztion of the headers violates.


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