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too much mintlibs updates???

Hi Nick!

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  Time has seen lot's of updates for the mintlibs in recent days. Almost one
update per week, I guess :-) Last week I copied the complete code for pl39
from aaue, cause the last source version I had was pl30. I just got home and
discovered that pl40 diffs are there. I just merged them in and compiled the
whole stuff and discovered that pl41 diffs are out. Compiling takes me about
3 hours on my TT (sorry, no fast ram), so I don't like to do it that often
(and I want to compile it because there're no 68020/68881 bins included...)!

  Are there really so many bugs left in it that such a high update rate is
really necessary??? ;-)

  Want a discussion?

PS: If the above written looks weird, than that's because it probably IS.
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