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Re: too much mintlibs updates???

>>>>> itschere@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE writes:

|> Hi Nick!
|> [copies to: mint@...]

|>   Time has seen lot's of updates for the mintlibs in recent days. Almost one
|> update per week, I guess :-) Last week I copied the complete code for pl39
|> from aaue, cause the last source version I had was pl30. I just got home and
|> discovered that pl40 diffs are there. I just merged them in and compiled the
|> whole stuff and discovered that pl41 diffs are out. Compiling takes me about
|> 3 hours on my TT (sorry, no fast ram), so I don't like to do it that often
|> (and I want to compile it because there're no 68020/68881 bins included...)!

Normally, you don't have to recompile everything, only the changed
files. It takes usually only about an hour for me to upgrade, while
managing three versions of the library.


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