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too much mintlibs updates???

>  Time has seen lot's of updates for the mintlibs in recent days. Almost one
>update per week, I guess :-) Last week I copied the complete code for pl39
>from aaue, cause the last source version I had was pl30. I just got home and
>discovered that pl40 diffs are there. I just merged them in and compiled the
>whole stuff and discovered that pl41 diffs are out. Compiling takes me about
>3 hours on my TT (sorry, no fast ram), so I don't like to do it that often
>(and I want to compile it because there're no 68020/68881 bins included...)!
>  Are there really so many bugs left in it that such a high update rate is
>really necessary??? ;-)

The short answer is: yes.

The long answer is: the library is evolving, to incorporate new
enhancements and hopefully to become more posix-compliant.  This means
that in addition to bugfixes, there also new source files needed, and
changes to existing working sources to make them more compliant.  In
addition there are usually changes needed to make things compile
cleanly on the four supported compilers.

The more quickly I make updates available, the less likely it is that
I'll receive patches from people that are no longer relevant or that
must be applied by hand because they overlap some other
as-yet-unreleased patch.  this makes my life easier because the less
time I spend on the busywork of keeping things in sync, the more time
I have to work out fixes for known bugs and to write modules people
have requested.

If you're having trouble keeping up, why don't you let a few patches
accumulate and apply them all at the same time?

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