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Re: MiNTOS Release 1.4 now available.

>Nicholas S Castellano wrote:
>> >From: knarf@nasim.cube.net (Frank Bartels)
>> >BTW: Is it a known bug, that /bin/login crashes with a memory
>> >violation, if you log in as root? It does not happen as normal user.
>> Logins as root work fine on my machine.  I rarely log in as anything
>> else. (MiNT 1.11, MiNTos 1.2, TOS (not sure what version), TT030).
>Hmpf. You aren't running MultiTOS as I know. I'm not sure if this can
>cause the memory violation, but I think I'll have to make some
>tests. [A while later.] It happens with just MiNT in the AUTO folder
>and without any GEM running. ;(

I don't think it's to do with GEM.

>Hmm, I can't see the message from syslogd that I tried to login as
>root. The violation has to be there before (or while?) login sends his
>message to syslogd.

As I said before, I think it's probably due to an incompatible password
entry in /etc/passwd, the current passwd (as of MiNTOS 1.4) will not produce
incompatible salts.

>I have TOS 3.06 and a TTM194.

This shouldn't make any difference whatsoever.

>> Make sure your login & init are compiled with the latest MiNTlibs
>> release.  Also check your .profile or whatever for root, it could be
>> that some program in your startup script for root is crashing, and
>> causing you to get logged out.
>I recompiled init and login with the MiNT library PL44. I don't use
>PL45 because of the bug with baserel and strerror, where nobody helped
>me after I asked a while ago.

I use PL44 too as I've not had time to download PL45.. I might just wait a
bit. :-)

>Oh, I'm using tcsh (6.03, baserel) as root-login-shell, but with
>/bin/sh (ash) it's the same problem. /bin/login gets killed because of
>a memory violation, not the login-shell or anything after that.

I don't think it's getting that far. If only MiNT could dump core so broken
programs could be debugged.

>> Also, make sure you aren't spawning getty's on any devices that don't
>> exist.  If you do, init will crash.  I sent a patch for this a long
>> time ago, but it doesn't seem to have found its way into MiNTos.
>I only spawn gettys on some virtual consoles, MTOS is started via
>execmtos via ttytab on the console.
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