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Re: Faster than 19200 on /dev/modem1

> Is it possible to configure the /dev/modem1 on a normal ST to transmit
> faster than 19200 baud? I yesterday looked into the documentation
> and found that timer d shoulb be capable of producing about 300 kbaud.
> But with Rsconf(), that does not work, does it?

 You can perhaps program the timer to tick at that rate (don't know the exact
number), but the uart part of the mfp must divide the clock by 16 so that the
receiver part can recognize incoming bits properly in the stream. If you
disable this 'oversampling' you won't be able to receive data properly. In
fact you might expect at least one error every 20 bytes or so. That's what
I got when I was curious about this. That's why you can't get more than 19K2
bps on /dev/modem1 WITHOUT hardware modifications. There are of course lots
of hardware modifications around, but I don't know any one in special.

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