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1.11b -> 1.11 or 1.12


 I do not *directly* want to complain that the official MiNT 1.11 has taken
so much time until now ;), but I do want to suggest you better name it 1.12.
The unpatched 1.11b had at least the bug that a process couldn't have two
concurrent timeouts, one from a SIGALRM handler and one from Fselect(). This
has been fixed by now, but how am I supposed to distinguish that if there
are two versions of MiNT which call themselves 1.11? I've got a program
which relies on this patch and it has already crashed in one case and I was
quite confused about this until I discovered the reason, so I would like
to be able to do some version check first.

 There're probably some other people which might also benefit from this.
And besides that, there've been so many version of MiNT not meant for the
`real' public that I doubt anyone would mind missing the `real' 1.11 if
he/she gets 1.12 instead... :)

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