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Re: virtual consoles

In <Pine.LNX.3.91.950504004835.16211A-100000@xgw5.xgw.fi>, Kristoffer Lawson writes:
>I managed to install the binary of the virtual console program (whoa..) 
>but it's kinda annoying the way it forces all consoles to have a white 
>background. I can run my own black.ttp software to make the background 
>black but that only works properly for con00 (or whatever the 'first' one 
>is). I can run it on the other ones too, but when I switch back to them 
>the background is switched back to white. Anything I can do about this?

I run black in mint.cnf (like exec=u:\usr\local\bin\black) and
everything is white text on a black background.

You could probably put it in rc or one of the other rc scripts before the
virtual console driver starts.

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