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Re: Telnetting in...

Katherine L Ellis wrote:
> Yes this is entirely possible. You told me you bought a unix book :)
> It should explain it all about security, and user fileattributes..
> ...
> On Tue, 13 Oct 1998, DarkChyld [Ronald J. Hall] wrote:

But one thing you won't find in thit book:
MiNT mounts automatically all real drives as folder on its pseudo drive
U:, eg. A: as U:\a, c as U:\c
and so on. At boot time all permissions are set to 'rwxrwx---' =
read/write/execute for owner (=root)
and group members and no access for the rest. If your friend is a member
of the same group as you he can do the same things like you. Otherwise
he can do nothing but you can set a line in MINT.CNF like
'u:\bin\chmod 775 /c' so the rest of the world has read only and
execution permissions on drive C:.