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Re: Telnetting in...


On Wed, Oct 14, 1998 at 06:29:34PM +0200, Ralph Lowinski wrote:
> But one thing you won't find in thit book:
> MiNT mounts automatically all real drives as folder on its pseudo drive
> U:, eg. A: as U:\a, c as U:\c
> and so on. At boot time all permissions are set to 'rwxrwx---' =
> read/write/execute for owner (=root)
> and group members and no access for the rest.

Well, this only applies for FAT drives, not for Minix partitions. For a
real Multi-User system based on MiNT, I'd recommend having only a small
boot partition with FAT and write protect it with the harddisk driver
(at least HDDRIVER has such a feature). All other drives should have a
Minix filesystem with the correct access permissions.



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