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Re: Telnetting in...

Sounds good Mr.Lincoln, except MiNT doesn't have any CHROOT,
which is what's really needed here.

On Wed,14 Oct 1998, Katherine L Ellis wrote:

> Yes this is entirely possible. You told me you bought a unix book :)
> It should explain it all about security, and user fileattributes..
> Then emulate a session from his login. And try to change the groups,
> fileattributes etc. (once you think you've understood how unix works
> for multiuser :)
> On Tue, 13 Oct 1998, DarkChyld [Ronald J. Hall] wrote:
> >  Right? Then I assign him a password. Here is my question. Can I now
> >  setup permissions for him, so that he can only go so many places and
> >  not be able to delete or move anything? Thanks! ;)

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