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Re: [MiNT] Re: fatal error handling

> > The point is that nobody fixes bugs in the TOSFS. 
> That's the problem right there.  Why complain about TOSFS,
> if you never bothered _trying_ to fix it in the first place?

There's a little problem: TOSFS resides in ROM and there are no sources
available. Fixing it would involve:

1) analyzing messy code generated by a C compiler Atari used to compile
   TOS to find the bug.
2) probably rewriting a part or a whole function to a form an autofolder
   patch program.

That last becomes problematic, if the patched function calls other
internal routines of GEMDOS those haven't been interfaced for external
programs (the only legal entry to the GEMDOS is trap #1 AFAIK).

So there are less problems if you write a GEMDOS from scratch. MiNT is
such a GEMDOS.

Of course, nobody prevents you from fixing GEMDOS bugs.

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