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[MiNT] old KGMD or new NMD?

Hi Konrad & Martin!

KK>this assumption (that I will reinstall everything from scratch without
KK>any reson to) is not reasonable.
KK>if we loose compatibility between MiNT setups, a mess will be made
KK>just because "pppd for KGMD" and "pppd for NMD" has differ with 1
KK>hardcoded pathname?
What about making the paths inquirable?
Martin has to patch the sources if he wants to follow FHS. If he would use a
function that inquires the path instead of newly hardcoding it, this new
binaries of NMD then can work with both setups and the user could switch
between them by changing the configuration (if he has replaced all of his
"unflexible" stuff)