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Re: [MiNT] old KGMD or new NMD?

> >    b) start with a distribution that is up-to-date and fully functional.
> But non-standard. And you now exspect (I already told you that once) that
> (for example) I will wipe my perfectly working, upgraded and configured
> KGMD setup just to install a new distribution, which won't work better for
> sure (it may at least work as good as my current setup). 
> > Obviously, this will require recompiling some of the existing software,
> > but this easily done;  just a few paths to change in MiNTLIB.
> Yeah. In worst case, this will require recompiling almost all the existing
> software. 

Which I'm doing right now...

> > This might surprise a few people, but the biggest work I'm doing is on
> > finding ways to easily upgrade from KGMD and documenting the procedure,
> > so that everybody can follow.
> I don't doubt that (less or more) everybody could follow even without
> detailed docs sooner or later, but I don't see the point to do it. I'd
> like to hear an independent opinion though, maybe I am totally missing
> something...

Seems you already have, since you agreed with Michael Schwingen's
description of the FHS philosophy, in another post.

Therefore, it seems clear that it has a become a question of who talks.

If _I_ do the talking, everyone says it's gibberish and pure nonsense.
If Rincewind (or someone else _you_ trust) talks, then it's a god spell.

Sorry, but from now on, I'm gonna have to ignore you, Konrad.
You've asked for it....

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