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Re: [MiNT] using MIDI with pppd

> > Anyways, that is _precisely_ where it happens:  PPPD tries to initialize
> > the port and finds out it doesn't know about this queer 31250 baud speed,
> > so it aborts....
> Do you use HS-Modem's MIDI-driver? I don't, there might be a problem there.

I _have_ to, otherwise I loose too many packets.

Then again, I agree that HS-Modem's MIDI.PRG is not cleanly written,
as it conflicts with MiNT on my 25 MHz TOS 2.06 Stacy, but then _what_
should I use as a MIDI serial driven?

_That_ is why we need to port HS-Modem as XDD or something...
Now, if only Harun Scheutzow would be more cooperative....

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