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Re: [MiNT] Re: MiNTOS Versions

On Thu, Feb 11, 1999 at 01:03:33PM -0700, Oddie Jonathan wrote:
> BTW: does anyone know if it is possible to declare an inline function in gcc?
> e.g. some compilers allow this:
> 	void dummyfunc(void) = 0xA913;
> which makes a function that calls an a-trap, but my gcc (2.5.8) whines at this,
> saying something like "function initialized like a variable."
> It would be nice if someone knows how to do this, because this is what I need
> to be able to call Mac functions from inside MacMiNT, which is necessary for
> a few things...

Sure - look in the gcc info pages:

static inline UWORD ints_off(void)
  UWORD old_sr;
  asm volatile ("move.w %%sr,%0\n\t"
		"ori #0x0700,%%sr"
	       : "=d" (old_sr)			/* output register */
	       : 				/* input registers */
	       : "cc"				/* clobbered */ );
  return old_sr;

UWORD sr = ints_off();

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