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Re: [MiNT] sending diffs to Apache and others

On Wed, Feb 03, 1999 at 02:21:01AM -0500, Katherine Ellis wrote:
> On 29 Jan 1999, Petr Stehlik wrote:
> > impression to non-Atari (like Amiga) people is not important. Much more
> > important is if Atari users are able to locate and use the Atari
> > versions of various software. I mean there are people out there running
> > MagiC or Geneva or something else and do not know anything about MiNT.
> > For them, MiNT version is like Amiga or Mac version. "atari" is still
> > the base, the most common name for all our machines, I think.

I think that's not the point of this discussion.  We discuss the problem
how configuration scripts can automatically detect our system.  This is
usually done on the base of the uname program.  And this only applies if
you want to compile some piece of software yourself.

Well, and currently, if you run uname on a non-MiNT system it will report
"TOS" and not "MiNT" (in whatever spelling).  IMHO opinion this is
acceptable. If you want to compile a package as for example a MagiC user
you can either manually specify to use the MiNT version on the command
line (this will work at least with GNU packages) or you have to
temporarily install a shell version of uname that reports "MiNT". This may
be annoying for MagiC users but I actually don't consider it my job to
propagate MagiC.



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