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Re: [MiNT] sending diffs to Apache and others

On 29 Jan 1999, Petr Stehlik wrote:

> impression to non-Atari (like Amiga) people is not important. Much more
> important is if Atari users are able to locate and use the Atari
> versions of various software. I mean there are people out there running
> MagiC or Geneva or something else and do not know anything about MiNT.
> For them, MiNT version is like Amiga or Mac version. "atari" is still
> the base, the most common name for all our machines, I think.

Extremely good point Peter. I totally forgot about that fact :)
But will MiNT software run on all atari if advertized as MiNT software or
port. In the sense, that ok, take micq,  This is a MiNT port only. So it
should only matter to MiNT people. Coz if you put Atari MiNT, people might
want to try it under sting or whatever, expecting to work because it is an
atari program. No? well. We might have to keep advertizing as atari, but
maybe not as loud. More like:
 <b>MiNT</b> (atari). And not <b>ATARI</b> (MiNT)

(/b as in the html language, as I don't know how to bold in email ;)

MiNT Is Now TOS, let's move on, shall we?  /