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Re: [MiNT] uname and ports

> > > Another suggestions would be to coordinate the ports. How about one
> > > place, where all the recent versions are documented, announced and known
> > > bugs are reported?
> > 
> > See the page for the TT below for a possible place to start...
> Sorry, a start for me would be a page where it already started. Not just
> a ad page for a new distribution. Your page is more useful for beginners
> and people that don't know anything of MiNT. I thought about something
> more deeper. Do you think you could handle both?

Basically, it only is an ad page (click on the MiNT logo) because I
haven't recompiled everything yet nor released my package, but it will
eventually contain an actual FAQ and list of FHS-compliant MiNT ports.

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