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Re: [MiNT] smail probs

> Whenever I start any smail instance (sendmail, runq, mailq, ...) from
> the bash I get a bus error.  The same from tcsh runs fine.
> I had this problem about a year ago, it vanished and now it's back
> again although I haven't changed anything important in my setup.
> Anybody has a similar problem?

Most definitely, I've been bugging everyone on IRC with it. :) I have two
similar problems:

1. When I do runq from ip-up it produces a buserror. I have always had
this problem from the beginning on. Entering 'runq' in the shell works

2. Since a few weeks, smtpd gives a buserror. This causes Pine to crash
when it wants to put mail in my queue, and when an outside server wants to
deliver mail to my system, the connection closes immediately. All other
instances of smail work.

I've been tracing this second problem with a monitor, and it seems the
buserror is caused by smail reading (a0) when a0 is zero. Now where have
we heard that before? :) I've been able to skip the problem spot with the
monitor, and the result was that smtpd didn't display the date, but worked
fine for the rest.

My smtpd problem started occuring when I stopped using aMail and went back
to Pine. I let aMail use my own smtpd daemon as smtp server, so that it
could queue outgoing mail just like Pine does. (So that I wouldn't need to
run aMail just to deliver the queue). smtpd still worked fine then, but
when I first used Pine after that, it locked up the whole system when it
tried to send a mail. From that moment on, I haven't been able to run
smtpd without a buserror.

Does this help, or make things worse? :)



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