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[MiNT] nntpd

I just downloaded the nntp server package from the piwo-mint directory on
ftp.funet.fi. This package appears to contain an nntp server for mint, and
the documentation mentions "Ingo" at ibo@altair.teuto.de. I don't know
whether that person is reading this list or not, but anyway, chances are
someone else will know about this too.

I copied in.nntpd into /usr/etc and set up a file nntp_access in
/usr/lib/news as directed, and initially the server seems to work ok.
Reading news seems to be fine. however posting news doesn't work, and the
nntp server responds with a message like "could not post news because user
usenet does not exist."

I am unfamiliar with how the nntp server works, but I guessed that perhaps
I should try creating a user called usenet, in case that had some effect.
Unfortunately it didn't make any difference.

I've only tried it with netscape under linux as a client. However I doubt
that netscape contains a bug in this regard ;-)

Chances are I've just installed it incorrectly, since the directions
supplied were somewhat brief. Can anyone explain what might be wrong, or
how to fix it?


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