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Re: [MiNT] Back again

On 21 Mar 99 08:13:32 +0000, Petr Stehlik wrote:

> MB>problem. I´m using a Quantum 850 MB drive in my TT, I think it is called
> MB>Trailblazer and it works very well. I seem to remember that a Quantum
> MB>Lightning drive also had the problem, although I´m not sure.
> Nono, Lightning Speed worked fine in MegaSTE so it must work in TT as
> well.

That's right, i have a 120Mb Quantum prodrive and a 540Mb Quantum Lightning
next to it... had no troubles booting from either (and i don't mean using 
the pressed-drive-letter-boot ;-)

IBM DPES- drives are good and fast booters, but can't take a shock very well
SAMSUNG drives in general are fast and bootable.
Fujitsu has a good reputation in my book too.. but i know nothing about
their newest hdd lines... 

this is all from experience, so it CAN vary from person and TOS/hd driver ;-)