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Re: [MiNT] 1.15.1 beta 1.1


On Fri, Mar 26, 1999 at 10:54:28PM +0000, Odd Skancke wrote:
>  Any chance this will work on the Hades060? How different is the Hades
> from the Milan regarding things like this?

As I've already said, there's nothing Milan-specific in this code. I've
also added code necessary for the 68060, but as I don't have one, I
can't tell whether it works.

Of course, I can't tell whether the MMU setup of the Hades060 meets the
conditions I stated, either.

And maybe this code is of temporary nature, anyway, as Michael White (?)
is doing improved memory protection (combined with virtual memory) for
68030-040, as far as I'm informed.

My MMU-code is just the consequence of receiving the Motorola manuals
last Friday ;)



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