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[MiNT] VFATLCASE: Meaning of this


You see, yesterday I was trying to use Okami v2 on a VFAT partition.
According to the docs of Okami, it should work but it didn't.
When I launched Okami it was complaining that it couldn't find 'onews.def' and 
'keymap.inf' and thus refused to work properly.
I told the author this but according to him it should work, at least it 
work on his machine (MagiC).

In one of the very rare moments that my head is clear I thought it could 
be that it had something to do with VFATLCASE.
On my system this is set to 'VFATLCASE=y'
So I changed this into 'VFATLCASE=n' and guess what, Okami worked just 
fine now.

My question is now: Can this do any harm or what if I change the VFATLCASE 
Can someone explain me in understandable lnaguage what the meaning is of 

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