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Re: [MiNT] Back again


> boot from it. This was owing to a lack of support for bus arbitration in
> TOS 3.06. (Not being very familair with SCSI I can't say how or why this
> comes about.)

The Fireball series need initiator identification. That's why you can't 
boot because the TOS doesn't support this. With a modern harddisk driver 
that support initiator identification you can use these disk.

There is also a patch for the TOS available. Simply change some 
bytes, burn a new ROM for the TT and you can boot.

> As for what other drive to get? Well I think just about any will work,
> just stay away from the Quantum drives, as these seem to be problematic.
> In fact it is only certain models, like the Fireball that have the
> problem. I'm using a Quantum 850 MB drive in my TT, I think it is called
> Trailblazer and it works very well. I seem to remember that a Quantum
> Lightning drive also had the problem, although I'm not sure.

Ligthning are very fast and work very well. Trailblazer work also but is 
very slow.


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