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Re: [MiNT] Back again

> Maybe somebody can help me with my hardware problem:
> My internal harddisk is rapidly dying, every time I switch on my
> TT it loses another dozen of sectors.  I bought a Quantum Fireball
> 1080S as a replacement but I can't get it to work. 

ask Uwe Seimet and he will tell you why:

new hard-disks _CANNOT_ be used as bootable devices, because they
need SCSI initiator ID (or something like that).  

The new Quantum _can_ be used with your TT, but you have to find 
yourself an older HD as a boot drive.

> A0-A2 are ok, the ID, what are the other two for?  Anyway, as I have
> mentioned above, I've tried out all settings and none did work.


See there for an explanation of the jumpers.

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