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RE: [MiNT] MiNTLib 0.52.3b

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> > There is already one for Rename, but then it means one has to
> > reboot every time there is a change in the mounting scheme.
> >
> You can only rename mounted filesystems, not move them. But I
> can't see any
> good reason why this can be done only at boot-time, u:\ is a
> filesystem too
> so it's only natural that it support rename. TOS has been able to move
> directories with Frename() since 1.04 (IIRC), if this was supported by U:
> you could easily move mountpoints with the desktop if you want to...

Frename works only within a filesystem, and technically we are talking about
the root of U: only. Besides, as mentioned before, moving mounted
filesystems away from U: will break existing code.