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Re: [MiNT] Pine 4.20 (was: List-address)

On 18.11.1999, Robert Krenn <robertk@wombat.ludvika.se> wrote:
> > PS:  some ISP's POP servers nowadays can switch to IMAP mode,
> >      even when accessed using the old Pine 3.96, which I found
> >      out by accident.
> ??? Pine since waaaay back supports IMAP. 

The keyword was "server" not "Pine".

Several providers out there claim to support only POP3 but, when
accessed using Pine as mail.domain/pop3/user=username they will
nonetheless communicate using IMAP4 protocol over the POP3 port,
simply because the mailserver installed handles all protocols.

This means that, using Pine 3.96 (which only supports IMAP4, not
POP3), one can often access their mailspool using IMAP4, despite
their provider's claim that only POP3 is supported.

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