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Re: [MiNT] Long file names


> The whole LFN question surprises me, because long filenames are very un-unix.
> Unix file or directory names always have been very short.

Yeah, you are right. Easy examples are: .addressbook_lu,
.chimera_bookmark, lost+found, addr2info.1.gz, and so on.
> This is how products can be distributed.
> The end user can move the products elements freely to her/his operational
> environment.

Seriously, I guess your entire mail expresses your warm feeling about the
PC-like 8+3 filesystems (and prove me wrong). This is wrong and the last
phrase from your mail (cited above) proves the truth: namely, of course,
things CAN be done the way you propose, but as you noticed, users would
have to 'move products element freely to the environment', i.e. just
manually adjust filenames. Except that it is not painless, this would
create a whole crap of problems with writing software which would have to
run in such circumstances. Accepting long filenames is much easier for

Just an opinion, of course,

Konrad M.Kokoszkiewicz
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