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Re: [MiNT] XaAES: Bug in shel_write?

søn, 19,.12.2004 kl. 19.55 +0100, skrev Philipp Donzé:
> Hi,
> While debugging a little GEMJing demo application I realized that
> 	shel_write(SWM_LAUNCH, GEMAPP, CL_PARSE, path, arg)
> has an odd behaviour under current XaAES version:
> It changes the current working directory of the parent process to point 
> to the directory of the launched child process.
> I don't think this behaviour is documented somewhere. (Tell me if I'm 
> wrong.)

 Aha! This is a thing I fixed quite recently, actually. And now, going
trough my mailbox, I see your posting about this and it reassures me
that now it should be correct :) I wasnt sure if I corrected a
noncorrect behaviour or uncorrected a correct one. I know that most
problems regarding Toswin2/tw-call are gone now.

 Could those with knowledge look at line 198 in xa_shel.c and give
feedback as to how correct this looks?

Best Regards,
Odd Skancke