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Re: [MiNT] C++ Stuff

Mark Duckworth píše v So 14. 02. 2009 v 18:34 -0500:
> Ok some more testing.  First my version is 2.95.3 which is included with 
> sparemint.  I started out with this version because I figured it worked 
> fine.  Apparently it doesn't.  The cc1plus executable has a 960KB stack 
> which seems plenty high enough.  I forgot I replaced the libstdc++ lib 
> with the m68020-60 version.  I put it back to the 68000 version and I 
> don't get even as far as I did before.  It simply just kills aranym with 
> a bus error no matter what I set the stack to (32K, 64, etc).

Kills aranym? Are you running aranym JIT, MMU or normal version? If JIT,
can you re-try with normal version? Or even with FreeMiNT with memory
protection enabled and aranym-MMU?

Regarding the unfortunate stack size - isn't there a setting that says
something like "use half of available memory for stack"? That could be
better than trying 32, 64, 96 kB...