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Re: [MiNT] C++ Stuff

Vincent Rivière wrote:
Mark Duckworth wrote:
It did crash (sort of):

root@arawork:/h>g++ -o vect vect.cpp
Not crashed ! screenname =

It freezes here and if I try to attach to it with gdb I cannot interrupt execution (or maybe I'm doing it wrong).

You didn't answer the questions on my first message.

1) Which version of g++ do you use ?
Try g++ --version and tell me what it says.
I use the cross g++ 4.3.3 (and the brand-new binutils 2.19.1) and it works fine.

2) Try to increase the size of the stack of the generated executable, using stack -S <size> While you use a native MiNT compiler, it may be a problem with the stack size of the compiler itself. It is something like /usr/libexec/gcc/m68k-atari-mint/*/cc1plus

You may have a look at the preprocessed output (using g++ -E vect.cpp) and the assembler output (using g++ -S -o - vect.cpp), too, but it may be quite long and complicated.

Good luck.

Ok some more testing. First my version is 2.95.3 which is included with sparemint. I started out with this version because I figured it worked fine. Apparently it doesn't. The cc1plus executable has a 960KB stack which seems plenty high enough. I forgot I replaced the libstdc++ lib with the m68020-60 version. I put it back to the 68000 version and I don't get even as far as I did before. It simply just kills aranym with a bus error no matter what I set the stack to (32K, 64, etc). I wouldn't know how to look at the assembler output and make any sense of it. I could post it if someone else cares - but does it really matter? Maybe I should just upgrade to the later versions and we should stop using 2.95.3 already.