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Re: [MiNT] C++ Stuff

Mark Duckworth wrote:
It simply just kills aranym with a bus error no matter what I set the stack to (32K, 64, etc).

On my ARAnyM setup, I have g++ 2.95.3 and binutils 2.18.
I reproduced more or less the same bug as you. Instead of displaying the substring, the programs displays the whole memory, so obviously the string we want to display contains a bad pointer. That looks like a g++ bug, they are usually very hard to isolate (and I'm not going to spend my time on gcc 2.95.3).

> Maybe I should just upgrade to the later versions and we should stop
> using 2.95.3 already.

Personally, I feel very comfortable with cross-compilation. From Windows, you can edit your C/C++ programs with Visual Studio, then compile in a Cygwin window, and if your build dir is mounted in the ARAnyM filesystem, you just have to do Alt+TAB to switch to ARAnyM and run your program inside TOSWIN/bash.

Furthermore, a cross-compiler running on a supported gcc host (Cygwin or Linux) has potentially less bugs than a native gcc running on unsupported host (MiNT). Hopefully, compilers use very few system functions (mainly file I/O), so the potential bugs due to the unsupported host are somehow limited.

The problem is that we didn't manage to make a clean native build of GCC 4.X, with RPM packages. Some experimental binaries have been built by some people. As far as I remember, MiKRO managed to build a native gcc 4.3.2 on 04/10/2008. He will certainly share his binaries with you if you want to experiment.

Note: the problem with the gcc is the size of its sourcecode. It takes literally hours to build a cross-compiler on a recent machine. For building it from ARAnyM, it takes more, more time... So debugging the build scripts and fixing build problems requires to have a huge amount of time and patience.

Vincent Rivière