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Re: [MiNT] malloc() bug ?

2010/1/12 Miro Kropacek <miro.kropacek@gmail.com>:
>> Do the MiNTLib malloc() call the kernel malloc every time ? I'm absolutely
>> not sure about that. That looks like a problem in the malloc implementation
>> in the MiNTLib. And it is quite complicated.
> You're right Vincent, quick look into malloc.c tells me it happens only when
> mintlib's memory pool has no more available memory. Is there anyone who
> knows why exactly are here two places where allocation logic applies?
> Kernel's wrapper for M(x)alloc() does very similar thing so I'm confused now
> why would one implemented another pool inside mintlib. Is it some general
> POSIX / OS architecture rule? Or optimization for speed?
> Another thing is mintlib (and its debug version, too) has very little trace
> outputs in this area so it can be no help at all...
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as far as I know it is simply because MiNT does not use MiNTlib, its
uses its own internal lib (kernellib ?)

All other programs use MiNTlib, so there are to definitions.

What is the issue to remap MiNTlib to the kernellib that MiNT uses?
What is the issue with them not co-allocating? (they are not using the
same pool?)