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Re: [MiNT] CVS+bug tracker

On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 1:51 PM, Rob Mahlert <rmahlert@charter.net> wrote:
> Alan looked into why it's not working.  I guess it's not an easy fix. The
> way the system is setup, to quote Alan, it would need "
> some serious file reorg to make this work currently."
> Baby is 6 weeks away and counting.. equals no time for me!
> Rob
When I have my system up and running, I can do a file structure
identical to what you have, and its placement relative to Mantis,
which would allow me to do the required testing also (also any
newcomer documentation and other specific Mantis stuff)

before you get too involved with having the new bub around, can you
give me the structure needed to achieve this

I would need:
file path to CVS root of freemint cvs in FreeMiNT(mint) repo
file path to CVS root of mintlib cvs in FreeMiNT(mint) repo (for comparison)
file path to apache www-root ()
file path to mantis (and www relative path)

for sake of completeness (and verifiable updating before cvs commital):
file path to CVS root of sparemint cvs in FreeMiNT(mint) repo
file path to sparemint (and www relative path)
file path to CVS root of toshyp cvs in TOS-Hyp(tos-hyp) repo
file path to toshyp (and www relative path)
file path to wiki (and www relative path)

For simplifying future repo work:
file path to CVS root of Gentoo/FreeMiNT(gentoo) repo
file path to CVS root of GEM Instant Messenger(gim) repo (for comparison)
path to G-forge (and www relative path)
file path to apache www-root (if different server)

This may look a bit excessive, but it will allow me to assist anyone
with use of Atariforge's many systems when you are otherwise pre
occupied with dippers and shoulder drip, besides allowing me to test
and develop some of the more exotic ideas for web referencing, and
cross-referenced search indexing, without the need to badger yourself
or anyone else, or have any possible code break due to lack of
compatibility etc

I wont be replicating the files, just the file system structure and a
small set of files in each area to allow testing, development and

I know Mark hasn't finished it yet, but I would probably replicate his
doc reader to allow even wider cross referencing

This will give me something to do in between HighWire, AFROS update
and and ACP related stuff, that can also benefit those developments,
as well as MiNT, FreeMiNT, SpareMiNT and Gentoo Mint (Gentoo/FreeMiNT)
and anyone wanting to develop or port new software. Something which I
am fully qualified to do, and probably more qualified than anyone else
in the Atari community (multi-platform web dev) atm