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Re: [MiNT] tos.hyp

On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 7:53 AM, Gerhard Stoll <Gerhard_Stoll@b.maus.de> wrote:
>> If you give me a couple of weeks to get some of these other things out
>> of the way
> For what? I found the problem. The labels are not in the index. I change two
> parameter in the source and it works.
So I can see what is missing, what needs editing, and what needs
adding, and how I am to go about searching and linking to it.

for example CVS tos-hyp/xaaes/xaaes.u covers only XaAES toolbar should
be therfore be toolbar.u, the content of which needs to be fleshed
out, at least with an example. The are no links to AES or XaAES. There
are no (unused) links in the German text. Also how do I find this page
in the HTML version, them being number based, not name based

> Now I must update the homepage.
> Thanks, Gerhard
I presume that the HTML version is also on the same server as the CVS, yes?

What are you using to compile the source into html, is it possible to
generate pages by name in an updated format. if so I would suggest a
new updated version side by side, because of the age of search engine
data, and the fact that there are others already linking to toshyp

I presume the source is some form of hyper guide format (1st/ST). It
should be possible to use php to script live cvs feed to a web
frontend, possibly with the use of a hyperlink index, which will allow
web searching directly, and it should allow for other languages to be

I propose an overhaul in content, presentation, an languages,
including screenshots or graphics where useful, and in particular
example for development. I therefore also propose a pro/enhanced
version containing the extra media, and allowing pdf output also for
print purposes. The extra media could be maintained seperate from the

Also, is there a logo, or even something similar to the Atari Compendium cover?