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Re: [MiNT] tos.hyp vs. Wikipendium ?

Paul Wratt a écrit :
The final idea is to provide locally readable and searchable
(COMPLETE) dev docs with a (COMPLETE) devkit, it at least HYP and
HTML, if not STG as well, and try to get some other language kits done
for them also, obviously this is a long term goal, but I expect
English to fully completed, linked and searchable with 12 months at
the outside (Dec 2010 - Jan 2011), online and locally
I'm targeting very similar goal with Wikipendium <http://wikipendium.free.fr/> : I'd like it to contain complete dev docs. And well... up-to-date ones.

I started with the Atari Compendium content because that's the most comprehensive bible I know about.

Some time ago, I learned about TOS.HYP and was blasted by its comprehensiveness. I immediately contacted Gerhard to start discussing some ideas to share our work. At the time, I came up with an idea of some way forth from UDO sourcesto wiki pages and back.

Because having a wiki is cool, being able to consult the dev docs on good old TOS is damn cooler. So the idea was to inject TOS.HYP into Wikipendium, then edit Wikipendium and still being able to generate UDO sources (from the updated Wikipendium content) and with this, compile (updated) STguide HYP files.

Of course, tos.hyp UDO sources are on CVS and that's a way to allow everybody modify it, but today, a Wiki would be easier to access, browse and maintain.

Paul Wratt a écrit :
What are you using to compile the source into html, is it possible to
generate pages by name in an updated format.
UDO <http://www.udo-open-source.org/index.php?lan=en> is the tool.
You edit the .u source files, then can generate HYP and HTML. Very usefull.

 if so I would suggest a
new updated version side by side, because of the age of search engine
data, and the fact that there are others already linking to toshyp
I presume the source is some form of hyper guide format (1st/ST). It
should be possible to use php to script live cvs feed to a web
frontend, possibly with the use of a hyperlink index, which will allow
web searching directly, and it should allow for other languages to be
Yeah, that's exactly what I'd love to code ! In php indeed, as I imagined it.

It would be cool either to port some code of hypview into php to be able to browse hosted HYP files of which UDO sources have been lost. Unfortunately, it looks like the libhyp code is closed and meant to stay. (see <http://phoenix.inf.upol.cz/~opichals/libhyp/> about libhyp)
Shame :-( I hope Jay follows this list and will say something.

I propose an overhaul in content, presentation, an languages,
including screenshots or graphics where useful, and in particular
example for development. I therefore also propose a pro/enhanced
version containing the extra media, and allowing pdf output also for
print purposes. The extra media could be maintained seperate from the

Also, is there a logo, or even something similar to the Atari Compendium cover?
Would be nice indeed.