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[MiNT] Gentoo FreeMiNT

I know I've mentioned Gentoo before, but I've been putting some effort
into backing up my claims now and I've promised an Aranym image before
too. Work gets in the way :-)

Anyway, rather than provide a pure aranym image, I'm going to provide a
tarball with appropriate install instructions that can be written over
an EasyMiNT install. i.e. Use EasyMiNT to install, then blow out the
drive (or reformat) and untar the new gentoo tarball. It should be that
simple and available to all Atari's although ST's with only 4MB of RAM
will suffer I think. Not sure what (if anything) to do about that. Just
that the new unix tools eat memory.

I'm about half way through the process on my Aranym machine to test, but
obviously I've been running this for over 18 months on my Falcon now.

It's also still lacking in a few places, such as a bootstrap process, so
we'll just fall straight to a bash shell prompt for now. I've got some
ideas here that I'll share closer to releasing the tarball.

My target is the end of January.